Budget-Friendly Guest Bathroom Makeover

Our guest bathroom has been pretty pitiful-looking for the past 4 years that we've lived in our home. We painted the walls and installed a new faucet and some cheap sconces right away, but otherwise it just kept getting knocked down the to-do list. As is the case with many young families, our time, money and energy have been spent on more important things for our children. During my recent maternity leave, I needed a creative outlet and decided it was time to tackle the guest bathroom. 

Although I have great plans to renovate and reconfigure our guest bedroom, bathroom and laundry room, those plans are on hold for the (distant) future. In the meantime, we have been making budget-friendly cosmetic and decorative improvements to put our stamp on these spaces without breaking the bank. Both personally and professionally, I try my best to be budget-conscious and respectful of my resources. You can read more about that on my Philosophy page

So I set out to design a budget-friendly guest bathroom - full of personality and classic sophistication - without doing renovations. I'm thrilled with the outcome, and I'm excited to share these photos with you! Keep scrolling to see some before and after images - including the original condition of this bathroom when we purchased our house.

The top photo is this bathroom's original condition when we bought the house 4 years ago.

The top photo is this bathroom's original condition when we bought the house 4 years ago.

Why I'm doing what I'm doing...

I've been helping clients with their homes for about 2 years now, but I've mostly provided consultation services and design plans for DIY clients as well as renovation plans for contractors. I have loved offering design guidance and creative ideas that empower my clients to decorate their homes essentially on their own. But I rarely get to see a project through from start to finish... until now.

I recently met with a client who unfortunately struggles with health issues and needs my hands-on assistance from beginning to end - shopping, decorating, installation, etc. I'm thrilled to assist her with making her home beautiful, warm and welcoming. After presenting my ideas to her at our consultation, she smiled and said with excitement that she can't wait to love living in her home. I was immediately able to see a positive shift in her mood, and she shared her enthusiasm to entertain guests in her home once we have it decorated.

That consultation was such a gift for me - I felt God was telling me loud and clear exactly why I feel called to make homes beautiful. Our living environment can drastically affect us whether we realize it or not. And I want to improve people's lives by providing them with well-designed spaces that they love and can be proud to share with their family and friends. My client was grateful for my design ideas and services, but I was even more grateful for the gift that she gave me.

I look forward to sharing the before & after photos with you soon, but until then I'll share the inspirational design boards that I presented to my client...

Change is in the Air...

It's become pretty clear to me - it's time for a change. Although change can be so good for you in the long run, it doesn't always come easily... and I've been resisting this change for a while. Eight years ago, Beth Hart Designs was born - as a custom stationery & invitations business. I've learned a lot as a designer & entrepreneur, and my business has grown so much - thanks to your loyal support. I'm beyond grateful for the opportunity you've provided for me.

Over the past 2 years, my business has slowly been shifting... from Paper Design to Home Design. I've always been passionate about making our own home warm, gracious & beautiful, but I never dreamed I'd get to make a career out of helping others achieve that same goal. I really appreciate those of you who have trusted me and invested in my Home Design services as I've set out on this new journey - you've built my confidence and taught me so much along the way.

I've been trying to provide both services for a while - both Paper & Home Design, but I'm starting to wear thin. I've been working late, late nights and on the weekends just to try to keep up, but lately I've realized that no one is getting the best of me - not my paper clients, not my home design clients, and sadly not even my family. So something's gotta give...

I've been praying for God to show me clear signs for which direction to take my business, and he has answered these prayers in numerous ways. All of which point to Home Design. So change is happening - I'm taking a break from paper to fully invest in my Home Design business. I will still be offering Christmas Cards in October, November & December but no other paper products at this time.

I'm so very excited about this new business opportunity, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous and scared. In some ways, I feel like I'm starting all over again. Choosing Home Design is definitely the more challenging path to take, but I love it - my heart is in the work, and I'm passionate about helping others find peace & beauty in their own homes. You can read more about my love for Home Design & Southern Hospitality here

"Thank You" feels insufficient for how much I appreciate your support of Beth Hart Designs. I hope you'll stick around with me as I dive head-first into Delightfully Southern Home Design.

A photo of our fireplace mantle recently re-posted on  House Beautiful's Instagram Account

A photo of our fireplace mantle recently re-posted on House Beautiful's Instagram Account

Home Design Consultations in 2016

I'm so very grateful and blown away by the amazing support you've given me in my first year providing Home Design services. I'm thankful to say that I'm officially booked for in-home consultations & virtual design projects through the end of the year. A few changes have been taking place in my business, and those changes will be reflected on my website in January - be sure to check back then! 

I'm now booking consultations & virtual projects for 2016, so please contact me for availability. During this month of thanksgiving, please know how thankful I am for you!

Client home design plans

2015 Christmas Card Early Bird Special

I'm excited to finally announce the official launch of the 2015 Christmas Card Early Bird Special! Now through October 31st, receive 20% off your Christmas card order. Your high-resolution photo(s), card design selection & greeting/personalization must be submitted by this date. Please email your order to bethhartdesigns@gmail.com and you'll receive a proof within 2 to 3 business days. All Christmas card orders must be submitted by December 10th to guarantee delivery before Christmas. I greatly appreciate your business throughout the years, and I look forward to working with you this year!

All Christmas card designs can be viewed here.

Photos provided by SimplyMPhotography

Hippity Hoppity...

It's Holy Week, the week of Easter, and I love this time of the year because I'm reminded of how much our Father loves us. It's fitting that Easter takes place in the Spring - a time to celebrate new life and resurrection. Nature (in my opinion) is God's way of showing us His own creativity... He is an amazing artist - especially in the Spring - painting canvases full of bright, vivid colors with clear blue skies, spring green grass, pink Cherry Blossom trees, yellow Buttercups and Forsythia, soft white & pink Dogwoods, and so much more. It's a magical time, and I'm thankful for the beauty that surrounds us.

While I realize that Easter holds so much more meaning than bunnies, eggs and pastels. I do appreciate these sweet symbols of this time of celebration. I'm not one to go crazy decorating for the holidays, but I do appreciate a decorative accent here and there.

We have a large L-shaped kitchen island that was desperately needing a focal point. I'm a huge, HUGE fan of the HGTV show Fixer Upper featuring the perfectly paired husband and wife team of Joanna and Chip Gaines from Waco, Texas. I'm inspired not only by their show and design style, but also by their love for God, family and adventure. Their business, Magnolia Homes, has flourished and expanded in many ways, including an online extension of their shop called The Magnolia Market. I spotted a reclaimed wooden tray that I knew would be the perfect focal point of our kitchen island. It provides a contained space to rotate seasonal decor throughout the year.

Below is a photo of the tray all set for Easter. The contents are as follows: 2 stacked hardback cookbooks, a white ceramic pitcher from our Juliska everyday pattern filled with flowers, a small green flower pot with fresh Thyme, a metal letter "H" I found at Michael's, a 3-wick candle from TJMaxx/Homegoods, and the rustic wooden bunny I found at the new home superstore, At Home. I look forward to changing out the decor of this tray throughout the seasons, and I hope these decorating tips inspire you to make your home a little more Delightfully Southern! Happy Easter!

The 2014 Early Bird Special

It's that time of year again! I'm excited to launch the Annual Early Bird Christmas Card Special! The 2014 Collection includes 8 new designs, and as always the colors and wording can be customized to your preferences. This 20% off special runs from October 20th through November 3rd. To order, please email your card design choice, high resolution photo, and personalization (greeting & names) to bethhartdesigns@gmail.com. Be sure to mention the "Early Bird Special" in order to receive your discount. Also, please note that in order to take advantage of this offer, you must have your photo(s) submitted no later than November 7th.

All available Christmas card designs can be viewed on my website here. Thank you for your support... I look forward to working with you!

Beautiful photos provided by Molly at  SimplyMPhotography

Beautiful photos provided by Molly at SimplyMPhotography

Letting Go of Fear and Dreaming Big...

Happy New Year! I love the fresh starts and new beginnings that a brand new year brings - there's something so exciting about it! But I'll be honest - I've been a little sluggish in writing down my goals (both personal and professional) for 2014. I think the reason I've been procrastinating is because of a tiny little word that has a big impact: fear.

Fear holds us back in many ways and comes in many forms. There's fear of failure, fear of success, fear of letting others down, fear of commitment, fear of change, fear of comparison & judgement, fear of the future, fear of being alone, the list goes on... But I think we must remember that the only way to overcome our fears is to face them. The best things in life don't come easy - you have to work hard for them and make sacrifices. Sometimes the most rewarding accomplishments in life start with big, scary and fearful dreams.

I have big dreams for 2014. Scary dreams. Personally, I need to change my lifestyle so that I can be healthier, more productive and live life to the fullest in my everyday endeavors. Beth Hart Designs will undergo several changes. Scary changes because of big dreams. I'm afraid of failure, and I'm afraid of what others will think. But I feel in my heart that I'm making the right decisions, and so I must carry on! 

Is fear holding you back from making 2014 a great year? Don't be afraid to dream big. Really big. Because on the other side of scary dreams are sometimes the greatest rewards and accomplishments. And as you pursue your dreams, know that our heavenly Father is with us and wants only the best for us (Jeremiah 29:11). Cheers to making 2014 the best year yet!

The Rebranding and Reopening of Beth Hart Designs

I can't believe this day is finally here... I'm so very excited to share with you the brand new Beth Hart Designs! I've spent the better part of 2 months rebuilding my little business - the branding, website, packaging and all. But the rebuilding started long before 2 months ago.

I've been in business for over 5 years, and although I've grown and flourished in many ways, I was lacking one major thing: direction. I started out with the dream of becoming a wholesaler - a big, multi-employee, wholesaling machine like the designers I admired so much while working at Swoozie's. I pursued that dream in 2011 by going to AmericasMart in Atlanta - both in January and July. And although it was successful on many levels (Swoozie's and some other amazing stores picked up my line), I wasn't happy nor did I feel fulfilled.

So in July of 2012, I attended the Stationery Academy hosted by Whitney English and Natalie Chang (two amazing women). I arrived feeling lost, insecure with my brand, and lacking direction. But I left with a spark, a hope and a belief that I could find my way in this great stationery and design world. And that's when the rebuilding and rebranding started to happen. I dug deep to figure out who I am, what my style really is, and how I can best serve my purpose through my career. I'm still working on my personal and professional development, but I'm now equipped with that one thing I needed most: direction.

I'm extremely proud and so very excited about this launch. So much hard work, sweat and tears are in this new logo, website, and overall branding. I'm thrilled to have a logo and tag line that represents everything BHD is about... Delightfully Southern. After 5 years of being in business I finally have a website that can serve as a portfolio for all of the products and designs I offer. Although there are new products and designs yet to come, I can actually be proud to send customers and clients to the new bethhartdesigns.com! My Etsy shop is still a work in progress, but soon many of my products will be available for purchase online. Below is the branding style guide for my new "do." 


Thank you so very much for all of your patience, support and encouragement throughout this time. Beth Hart Designs would not be possible without you, and I am beyond grateful and so very blessed!  I feel that this is just the beginning to many great things ahead, and I am excited to share the journey with you along the way!