beth’s design Philosophy

Why Beautiful Homes Matter...

I believe that Home should be a beautiful safe-haven for you and your family - a retreat from the world, an escape from the busy hustle of life. Therefore, I feel that it's important for homes to be warm, peaceful, comfortable, functional, well-organized, and beautiful  - a place to recharge & reconnect.

I also believe that Home should be a place that offers life & love to your family and friends. So much can be celebrated at Home - birthdays, holidays, upcoming weddings, babies on the way, friendships, retirements and so much more. A warm and beautiful home - full of life makes - the perfect backdrop for these celebrations where we share our love with those who matter most to us.

How homes should be made beautiful... 

Although good design and thoughtful planning does not happen cheaply, I do believe we are called to spend our money & resources wisely. Therefore, I don’t ask my clients to frivolously spend money to achieve a well-designed space. I welcome the challenge of finding beautiful pieces on a budget which is why I love shopping at the Nashville Flea Market, local antique shops, and affordable home stores (locally & online). Although some things are worth the extra investment, I do not wastefully spend money in my own home and therefore do not ask that of my clients.

I also believe in timeless & classic design. Trends are fading and have a short lifespan, so I always encourage my clients to invest wisely in things that are functional and that will stand the test of time. While I do believe a home should look "current" & fresh, I also believe that history adds character. So I usually give a nod to design-done-right from days-gone-by in my clients' home design plans.

If you resonate with my philosophy, I would love the opportunity to work with you. Please email me at: