Home Design Services Now Available!

Well, it's officially official! Beth Hart Designs is now offering Home Design services... It's only been a work in progress for almost 2 years! Some very gracious clients have offered to be "guinea pigs" along the way to help me figure out what services I would be providing. A huge THANK YOU to those of you who were so patient with me while I worked through your projects!

So what has led me to offering these services? You could say it started when I was a little girl - my favorite thing to do was "play house" by carefully planning my "set-up." This "set-up" consisted of lightweight furniture and decorative accessories that I gathered from around our home and brought together in my own formation to make up my pretend house. I still love the careful planning of choosing just the right items and bringing them together in one warm and beautiful composition. As a designer of paper and invitations which are a key part of Southern Hospitality, I see offering Home Design services as a way of extending my love for hospitality and making our everyday lives a little more delightful.

My husband and I are still working away on our "new" home, so I promise to post photos of before & after renovations along with a virtual home tour soon. I was waiting to have everything "just so" in our house before officially launching these services, but I realized that if I keep waiting for the perfect opportunity to dive in, I'd never do it. So here it is, the beginning of another beautiful and exciting way to make life a little more Delightfully Southern...

Home Design Services by Beth Hart Designs