Beth Hart Designs is pleased to offer Virtual E-Design Services for any client nation-wide. These virtual services allow Beth to evaluate your space and provide design plans and decorating guidance through email without interrupting your work schedule or daily life at home.

• VIRTUAL room design plans:  starting at $275 PER ROOm

Includes: Detailed, Custom Design Plans for One Room: A Layout Map/Floor Plan that provides detailed instructions & decorative suggestions for each space/area of the room; An Inspiration Board/Visual Guide showing the overall "Look & Feel" of the room through specific arrangements/vignettes; A Detailed Shopping List with links to items for you to purchase (or suggested styles of items). The following will be addressed: Paint Colors/Color Palettes, Furniture Purchases & Placement, Fabrics, Window Treatments, Lighting, Decorative Accessories, Hardware, Artwork, etc. 

Once you've reserved these services, you'll receive a pdf file with instructions for what's next. Through email, you will provide 4 to 5 photos of your room, measurements & dimensions of your room, along with an approximate budget you have in mind. Providing a brief 360 degree video made from your phone is very helpful as well but not required. You'll also receive a questionnaire regarding the purpose of the space and to find out any preferences you have.

*Please Note: Beth is a designer offering visually helpful Virtual Home Design services to provide you with detailed direction & guidance while leaving the purchasing & installation for you to do when your time & budget allows. Due to the amount of time and attention to detail required for these plans, please allow at least a three week turn-around time


Maybe you need some design direction and guidance for a room in your home but don't need the detailed design plans described above (and pictured below)... Beth is pleased to offer hourly consultation services through email. You'll email photos of your room or "problem area" along with your questions/concerns, and Beth will provide a typed list of notes with instructions and suggestions for solutions. 


Email Beth with questions or to reserve your Virtual E-Design Services:  *Design projects book up well in advance, so there may be a waiting list.

EXAMPLES OF virtual e-design PLANS...