Beth Hart - The Designer...

 Photo by SimplyMPhotography

Photo by SimplyMPhotography

Hi, I’m Beth Hart... a designer and native middle Tennesseean living in Nashville with my husband, daughter, and our Beagle named Belle. 

I believe in Southern Hospitality - the warm and gracious act of welcoming guests into your home. I believe that "home" should be a place of peace and beauty where form meets function, and I believe this can be achieved without breaking the bank. I am passionate about mixing the old with the new - historical character & craftsmanship with modern conveniences & technology. I believe traditional sophistication can exist alongside classic, casual comfort. And I believe timeless always conquers trendy. I'm inspired by the rich history, architecture & coastal hues of Charleston, South Carolina as well as the sweet, simple southern comforts found in Tennessee towns.

Southern Hospitality runs deep in my heritage. I’m the daughter of a mother who always opens her beautiful home for showers & celebrations and who "raised me right" - teaching me how to extend Southern Hospitality to others. My grandmother was a hat-maker (a milliner) who designed and created beautiful hats in her lovely Cape Cod style 1930's cottage on the river. Her work was superb, and her zest for life & business along with her overflowing love for others makes me wish she was still here to teach and inspire me. I’m blessed with a hospitable & creative heritage, and for that I’m very grateful.

Southern Hospitality runs deep in my education. From attending middle and high school at Battle Ground Academy in Franklin, Tennessee (founded in 1889) - to exploring the rich history of The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) throughout college. I’ve learned to value education, work hard, be a teammate, lean on God, cheer at football games, graciously become a Southern lady, and persevere through life’s lessons at these incredible institutions, and for that I’m also grateful.

I believe in warm & gracious homes where love and Southern Hospitality flourish, therefore I'm a designer for the home. I desire to cultivate beauty and hope to inspire others by making every day a little more Delightfully Southern, one design at a time.