Beth Hart - The Designer...

Beth Hart is a native middle Tennesseean living in Nashville with her husband & two children in their 1950’s ranch forever-fixer-upper. With an Art degree in Graphic Design from the University of Mississippi, Beth has owned and operated her design business for over 10 years.

Beth values Southern Hospitality - the warm and gracious act of welcoming guests into your home. She believes that "home" should be a place of peace and beauty where form meets function, and she believes this can be achieved without breaking the bank. She is passionate about mixing the old with the new - historical character & craftsmanship with contemporary touches. Beth believes traditional sophistication can exist alongside classic, casual comfort. And she believes timeless always conquers trendy. Her design inspiration stems from the rich history, architecture & coastal hues of Charleston, South Carolina as well as the sweet, simple southern comforts found in Tennessee towns.

As a wife and mom, Beth knows the importance of a practical and functional home. She strives to fully understand her clients’ lifestyle needs and preferences before moving forward with a design plan. Setting her apart in the industry, Beth only accepts one or two design projects at a time in order to provide excellent service for her clients and to fulfill her roles as a wife, mama and designer.

Photo by Molly of    SimplyMPhotography

Photo by Molly of SimplyMPhotography